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Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
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Personnel Systems & Kaizen Culture

PSwJS is a dynamic operations management consultancy available to leaders who want to unlock their peoples' creativity while providing them with a stable framework to improve from. PSwJS partners with you for lasting results yielding lower cost, higher quality, and shortened lead time for bottom line results. Most importantly this happens from the ideas designed and implemented by your people.

PSwJS will aid in the building of an attitude of goodwill that fosters a spirit of inclusiveness for groups to work effectively toward aligned and common goals. Cohesion of means and motive toward an objective will foster healthy challenges ensuring a future vision where your business can position itself more successfully. Meaningful and continuous human learning flow is key.

PSwJS engages people at the worksite to make real change happen and to have the changes stick. This is accomplished through techniques that elevate teaching and learning together. A proven method using a technical system, change approach, and a systemic strategy is applied to recreate your personnel system. Carefully orchestrated lesson trials with proper timing address real time issues/barriers which ensure quick adoption of new habits to result in real change. Replace what does not work with what does seamlessly.

PSwJS develops people and business strategy to improve cyclically through smaller and smaller learning cycles. Developing the qualities of focus, humility, amalgamating skill sets, rapid inter-communication produce real results people can understand and get behind. What took a month the first time can take hours the next time, and it sticks.

Jeff Smith has helped clients raise performance.

PSwJS has observed significant performance and personnel success in: International Airline meal service, coffee service cafes, women’s clothing design/manufacture/delivery, computer chip board populating and flow, automotive and supplier layout/scheduling/logistics, food kitchens/restaurants, grocery stores, food case manufacturing, airplane production, jewelry, appliances, to name a few.

PSwJS brings to bear over 30 years of experience creating functioning personnel systems improving employee morale and financial structure. A road tested labor relations approach is used for barrier resolution and to make seamless habitual change commonplace. Whether your need is freeing up capacity to take on new business (without adding additional cost), or meeting existing customer requirements at (a much lower cost and higher quality, with shorter lead times) PSwJS can help you achieve your goals. This is done in reasonable timeframes through your people designing and implementing a new personnel system.

PSwJS looks forward to discussing how we can elevate your organizational performance levels by partnering and working together real time to create a teaching and learning experience that results in a new personnel system that is customized and flexible to your business needs.