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Personnel Systems with Jeff Smith offers TPS (Toyota Production System) lessons online for beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. Both Tactical and Systems lessons help the learner understand deeper meaning to enable the psychology of change on the worker and managers of an area are easier to handle. PSwJS offers these courses in a sequence where the learner progress toward more and more difficult challenges, but has a base of application to build from. Your business solutions can include this type of training to raise performance of people using your own shop floor or work environment. TPS model lines (areas showing technical and systemic/people improvement) can be used to build these types of classes which are offered to personnel. PSwJS can help your people leverage the model line created into those materials which will assist future learners within your organization standardize the “How to Approach Learning” method. Each lesson contains key tactical and system change “abilities” that work together to ensure higher quality, shorter lead time, and lower cost to free up capacity for future business growth.

Examples of lessons from each category:

  • Basic: Ohno Circle: defining the categories of Motion and how to imagine a better way to do work.
  • Intermediate: Setting up an A type Pull System by understanding the 7 key points and 6 main rules to do Kaizen.
  • Intermediate: Learning the 7 key points of materials set up, three modes of information flow, and how to move
    objects effectively.
  • Advanced: how to achieve small lot continuous flow from dock to dock or plant to plant.
  • Advanced: 7 step Kaizen process formerly called 3 days and one night.
  • Technical Standardized Work Class (for really real)
  • Production Control Kaizen Class, Assembly One trip one return Class, CPP Line Balance.
  • New Labor Relations PRP class, Type 3 Standardized Work